4 October 2017

What is ERGO Xtra?

ERGO Xtra is an inspiring day with lectures that make the connection between

  1. Economics, governance and organisation;
  2. World views / religions, philosophy and happiness.

At ERGO Xtra 2017 speakers with different backgrounds reflect on (a) trust and leadership, (b) the circular economy and sustainable profit, (c) moral markets. The day closes with (d) the Witteveen Lecture.

Parts (a) and (b) are in Dutch, parts (c) and (d) in English.

For Whom is ERGO Xtra?

ERGO Xtra is open to students, entrepreneurs, managers, policy makers and researchers with an interest in the topic. Whether your background is in economics, philosophy, theology / religion studies or another discipline. And irrespective of which religion or world view inspires you to contribute to a better world: you are most welcome! Participation is free, but registration is required.

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