"Love, Happiness & Virtuous Action Can Not Be Separated"

(not even in the economic sphere)

About ERGO

ERGO (Economics, Religion, Governance & Organisation), which is based in the Netherlands, is both an annual conference series and an informal network of people. Love in the sense of ‘caritas’ or ‘agapè’ as the driving force behind the organisation of our economy and society is what is central in the personal encounters that take place at ERGO events.

ERGO V Conference

The ERGO V conference takes place on 2 & 3 October 2017. This is a closed conference that is on invitation only.


The second public ERGO event, ERGO Xtra II, takes place on 11 June 2018. This time the program is fully in Dutch.

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Experiences of Participants

 “I liked thinking about topics like integrity and trust from different angles, throughout the entire day. It certainly connected some dots in my own previous thinking about these topics”


 “It was a stimulating and energy giving day. It deepened and strengthened my thoughts on the move we have to make in society and in organisations to lead us to a more sustainable future. With this in mind I can do my work better”


 “I met interesting people that I will stay in contact with”


Interdisciplinariteit en het Verbinden van Theorie en Praktijk

ERGO (Economie, Religie, Governance & Organisatie) is een jaarlijkse conferentie en netwerk waarin verbindingen gelegd worden tussen economie, bestuur en organisatie enerzijds en levensbeschouwing, filosofie en geluk anderzijds. ERGO brengt ontmoetingen tot stand tussen wetenschappers die in verschillende onderzoeksgebieden en met verschillende methoden werken. Daarnaast is er aandacht voor de beroepspraktijk, waarin het wetenschappelijk denken in werkelijk handelen wordt omgezet. Vandaar dat ook politici, bestuurders en ondernemers tot de genodigden/deelnemers behoren. De toenemende (hyper)specialisatie binnen vakgebieden en functies maakt de ontmoeting tussen disciplines en tussen theorie en praktijk verrijkend voor alle participanten.

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ERGO Network Steering Group

The ERGO conferences were started up in 2013 by two Dutch professors in economics (Lans Bovenberg and Harry Commandeur) and a professor in theology (Paul van Geest). They are still the driving force behind the network. In 2017 Govert Buijs, professor of  philosophy, joined them as member of the ERGO Network Steering Group:

Lans Bovenberg | Economist
Govert Buijs | Philosopher
Harry Commandeur | Economist
Paul van Geest | Theologian
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