A lecture given by Steven Young (Caux Round Table for Moral Capitalism) at ERGO Xtra I, 4 October 2017.


We live in an age of discontent. Various expressions of tribalism are replacing the cosmopolitan, globalized, international order under the Rule of Law having respect for human rights put in place after World War II. At the same time, we have a failure of elites in the United States and Europe. The resulting lack of trust is a serious systematic deficit in global social capital.

Fidelity to standards of stewardship is needed to restore our collective well-being. Self-actualization of such fidelity is a charis, a grace. It cannot be achieved by reasoning alone, nor can it be acquired through technical training and skill development. Being a steward demands a charismatic genius of character. Promoting stewardship is the great need of our age.

In this talk Stephen B. Young discusses the place and conception of stewardship in various religious traditions (Protestantism, Catholicism, the Islam, Confucianism and Buddhism), as well as in the Roman Republic and in tribal cultures.

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